Thursday, 12 August 2010

Angle of Siegel

Dear Angle,

Hope u in God's blessed. how u getting on today?
For a long time no see u in on my bed, i suddently think about u.
I still remember your violence action. it makes me creepy all day.
Did u still there? i mean, did u still at ur place at germany?
Angle, its too far away. every minutes flow without u, likes to kill me.
I miss ur biting on my body,
i miss ur tougue licking on my body,
i miss ur warm breath on my chess when faint in our crime.
For sure angle. i'm not betray u at all.
i'm still in ur hug.
I do have him.
I do give my virgin to him(after married)
And i know, u also will give ur wide virgin to ur sweetheart.
Angle, i would like to say thanks a lot to u bcoz,
u always accompany me in what any condition.
Perhaps, we will meet soon in next entry.
(dunno what to tell because my tummy was empty.hehehe)

- Her trademark (uiii)
- Her sepets eyes
-Good listener (sometimes she didnt listen to me)
- Big lips
- Her groaning sounds
-Her body
- Her tight virgin (and now already wide open by me)
- Her rengekan on bed.
- Her screamed sound



  1. supposed to be ANGEL la!!!xyah la letak surname i...urghhh!!nape i x bernafsu pn bce post hg ne?n hg x ltk pn gmba least ltklah gmba kte mse uat CRIME tu...huhuhu

  2. hahaha...bgus la kalau x bernafsu...gmbar?huhuhu